Lure Boxes 

   I make boxes for most of the lures I carve. Some of the boxes are hand made by me. Others are quality wood boxes that I customize with labels and graphics. I also use some two piece paper boxes and occasionally tins. The earliest wood production lures often came in wood, or quality paper boxes with interesting labels. Below are examples of boxes for my lures.

   Recently I met a friend in the paper industry and have collaborated with him on bringing some nice two-piece lures boxes to the market. If you might have an interest in these boxes please click on this link for more information...

beebox300.jpg (10859 bytes)

bugstack-500.jpg (42941 bytes)

potatoelure300.jpg (15814 bytes)

realminnow350.jpg (44460 bytes)

Here are some examples of the labels I have created.

brownlabel250.jpg (14359 bytes)     

bumblebeeLabel.jpg (6368 bytes)      potatobeetle-150-lable.jpg (7416 bytes)     BassBeetle1-175.jpg (3557 bytes)

indymino200.jpg (7733 bytes)      pickerelLabel180.jpg (7339 bytes)  

  froglabel260.jpg (9205 bytes)

Loonlable-350.jpg (16627 bytes)

cmwpickerallogo1.JPG (25418 bytes)

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