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    I carve most of my lures one at a time so I do not have a huge inventory. I do have some of the lures you have seen on this web-site up for sale. Most of them come with custom wood boxes. Rather than try to set up an inventory page as I did with the first version of this web-site, I have decided to just communicate with you one on one. If something has caught your eye, contact me and I will let you know if it is still available*. If the lure has already been sold, I will add your order to my list and try to make you a similar lure when time permits. When completed, I will send you a picture of your "new" creation so that you may view it to make sure it meets with your approval. If you place a large order, I may ask for a down payment.

    About Shipping: I usually use the US postal service. I will ship however you prefer. I will ship anywhere, all I ask is that you pay for the cost.

     I take the time and effort to make these lures mostly because I get a kick out of it. I do enjoy receiving feedback, and or inquires about acquiring a lure or two. I would love to hear from you. Thanks,

~Thayne H. Johnson~


*Due to the large number of requests for lures that have already been sold,

 I have placed a small red s next to most of the sold items.

I still have quite a few decoys but I am running low on lures.

I am still taking orders for lures but the list is running at approximately six months out. I would still love to hear from you......  -THJ-

I am now also selling high quality two-piece lure boxes...


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