Ice Fishing Spears, by Marcel Salive



Ice Fishing Spears, by Marcel Salive. 300 Pages. Hardbound. Looking back at the history of collecting in the last twenty or thirty years, there is one very obvious truth: Almost without exception, each area of collecting has within it a solitary individual whose personal passion for the subject has generated infectious enthusiasm among others. Through research and writing, as well as personal persuasion, that person has been responsible for opening the eyes of others to the object of his enthusiasm. In the fascinating area of fishing spears, that individual is Marcel Salive. In this ground breaking work, Salive has chronicled every aspect of this obscure area including the history, regional differences, uses and even information about how to display the spears. A nicely illustrated and well documented work. The definitive reference.


NEW unused book provides an in depth look on WROUGHT IRON FISHING SPEARS.

Mint condition copy of Ice Fishing Spears in original package. First Edition. 460 wrought iron fish and eel spear gig photos; 312 pages, 56 in color. Hardbound, 1993 edition cloth cover. Beautifully done and profusely illustrated with outstanding spears pictured in both color and black & white (also early patent line drawings).


        Easy to read and yet very informative. Use it to judge how good that spear is made and to decide if it is a big sturgeon spear, a medium sized walleye spear, a smaller perch fishing spear or a specialized eel spear. Topics include spear collecting, displaying, photographing, dating and many more. Figures compare design and manufacturing details to give basis for judging darkhouse spear quality.


Collections and collectors featured include:

Gerald Adams (MI), Ron Adamson (MN), Bob Montgomery (MI), Frank Baron (MI),

Charlie Hart(MI), Otto Bishop (WI), the Kimball family (WI), Dave Kober (MI) and more.


       Wrought iron spear collecting is growing fast ... this is THE BOOK on the subject.

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